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ITS Warrants
(Phase 1 and Phase 2)

The ENTERPRISE Pooled Fund Study in 2009 developed initial warrants for the following Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices to assist agencies in the decision process of deploying technology devices as well as to validate the location of deployed devices. 

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV);
  • Dynamic Message Signs (DMS);
  • Highway Advisory Radio (HAR); and
  • Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS).

The second phase of the project was completed in 2010 and focused on developing warrants for the following technology devices:

  • Variable Speed Limit (VSL) Signs;
  • Dynamic Speed Display Signs (DSDS);
  • Curve Warning Systems;
  • Ramp Meters; and
  • Intelligent Work Zones.

Transportation professionals at the state/province, county, and city levels face challenges on how to handle increasing requests for the deployment of technology devices.  The overall approach to the ITS warrants is modeled after the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) warrants for traffic signal installations.  Based on this model, the ITS warrants identify guidelines to assist deployment decisions of technology devices.    

During the initial warrants effort more than 20 transportation professionals participated in testing the warrants and some of these agencies are continuing to actively using the warrants as part of the decision making process for selecting device locations.  The next warrant efforts continued to support the success of the initial phase by providing additional device warrants for transportation professionals to use.

  • Phase 3: This phase documented the activites ENTERPRISE conducted as owner and maintainer of the ITS planning guidance to assist in identifying potential organizations for transitioning the guidance. After the ENTERPRISE Board reviewed the different options for one organization to maintain the warrants, it was agreed that ENTERPRISE should continue to own and maintain the warrants and partner with organizations to review the warrants. The AASHTO Sucommittee on Traffic Engineering (SCOTE) agreed to review and provide comments on the planning guidance in 2013. In Phase 3, ITS Planning Guidance was also developed for Intersection Conflict Warning Systems.
  • Phase 4: The purpose of Phase 4 was to continue to partner with the SCOTE task force to update the ITS planning guidance documentation and website based on recommendations and enhance the planning guidelines developed to date.


The ITS Warrants developed by ENTERPRISE are available at: http://enterprise.prog.org/itswarrants/. The warrants website includes background information of the development of the warrants, instructions on how to use the warrants, and the warrants for the devices developed to date.






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