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2002-2009 ENTERPRISE Projects

The ENTERPRISE Program has completed a large number of projects since its inception. Please select from a project below for additional details of a specific ENTERPRISE project.

Project Name

Brief Description

511 Traveler Information Implementation

Identified technologies and best practices for deployment of 511 traveler information services.

Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Internet Guidelines

Promoted common specifications for ATIS internet applications.

ATIS Scenic Byways

Developed the Byways ITS Strategic Plan in order to introduce the concepts and applications of ITS to the scenic byways communities.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)-Traffic Management Center (TMC) Integration

Worked with ENTERPRISE members to facilitate the transfer of the results and end product of a FHWA CAD-TMC sponsored Washington project.

Carpool Occupancy Detection Systems

Studied Automated Carpool Detection Systems for High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Monitoring. (Final Report)

Evaluation of Automated Incident Detection

Evaluated innovative automated incident detection systems and explored new possibilities with respect to traffic probe data sources

Feasability Study Intelligent Highways

Studied the concept of Intelligent or Thinking Highways using miniature, low cost and maintenance free sensors in the road surface. (Final Report, Presentation - Project Results)

High Definition Radio

Researched digital radio and its potential applications towards traveler information dissemination.

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture

Conducted and summarized an ITS Architecture workshop.

International Traveler Information Interchange Standards (ITIS) - EYE

Ensured the proper integration of ITS common specifications onto the national standards.

ITS Implementation During Mass Evacuation

Summarized how DOT's use ITS to manage mass evacuations. (Final Report)

IP Cameras

Demonstrated the ITS application of using low-cost satellite communication and renewable solar power to capture real-time video data of interest to both traffic managers and interested parties.

Internet Applications

Developed the tools to enable jurisdictions to coordinate sites and be able to exchange a variety of data in a standard format.

Intersection Collision Avoidance

Investigated the applicability of the European method of intersection collision avoidance to help ease the deployment of this solution within North America.

Justification of an Accident Alarm (JAAP)

Identified the feasibility of implementing an accident alarm system.

Low Power FM Traveler Information

Developed a successful approach for implementation and deployment of Low Power FM traveler information.

Maintaining Travel Times in Construction Zones

Researched and evaluated varying methods of maintaining travel times through construction zones

Nationwide ATIS Project

Preliminary analysis and recommendation for a nationwide ATIS.

NTCIP Compliancy (INCH)

Simplified the user interface of NTCIP tools.

Next Generation E-911

Researched low cost emergency notification systems to support travelers. (Final Report)

Personal Communication Service (PCS) Total Monitoring - Phase 1 and Autonomous Monitoring Station - Phase 2

Phase 1 - Demonstrated that the next generation of PCS data networks (1xRTT) could be cost effectively utilized to deploy Total Monitoring Stations operating as autonomous systems along rural highways. Phase 2 - Updated the hardware and software configuration of Phase 1 and conducted an evaluation. (Phase 1 Final Report)

Rapidly Deployed VMS Applications

Created guidelines for using VMS applications in incident management at short notice.

RWIS Integration and Data Sharing

Guide to sharing and implementing RWIS information.

Rural Renewable Power

Analysis, development, design, installation, and evaluation of a prototype power station. (Final Report)

Rural Transit Technology - Phase 1 and Phase 2

Phase 1 - Evaluation of rural transit technologies for the Kansas DOT. Phase 2 - Researched the technical issues identified in phase 1 and identified solutions.  (Phase 1 Final Report, Phase 2 Final Report)

Testing of PCS Data for Traffic Control Systems

Tested the use of next generation wireless digital PCS on urban traffic control systems. (Final Report)

Travel Times Best Practices

Best Practices manual on determining travel times from planning to deployment. (Final Report)

Traveler Information Sponsorship

Leveraged success from gas/food/lodging signs for ITS traveler information.

VMS and HAR Usage During Non-Incident Conditions

Illustrated how agencies operating VMS and HAR devices could utilize them during non-incident conditions.

Voice Reporting of Current Events

Demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of using voice recognition to allow the voice reporting of events into a statewide condition reporting system.




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