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1995-2002 ENTERPRISE Projects (Compendium)

The ENTERPRISE Program has completed a large number of projects since its inception. Please select from a project below for additional details of a specific ENTERPRISE project.

Project Name

Brief Description

Colorado Mayday

Developed and tested an in-vehicle device that could be manually triggered in an accident or emergency and would report the vehicle along with other vehicle-specific information.

Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Type 3 Transponders

Developed and evaluated a system for providing real-time, in-vehicle safety warnings to travelers through the use of Type 3 Transponders.

Dynamic Messaging for Low Visibility Events

Developed a guidance document on the deployment and operation of low-visibility warning systems. (Final Report)

Herald Operational Test

Investigated the feasibility of using AM radio to disseminate information to travelers in rural areas. (Final Report)


Promoted the development and deployment of ITS at the local level.

International Traveler Information Interchange Standards (ITIS)

Translated European standards and developed draft standards for the American ITS industry.

Multi-Jurisdictional Mayday (MJM)

Educated public agencies interested in the Mayday concept.

Simple Solutions

Identified and described proven, cost effective, "low tech" solutions for rural transportation-related problems or needs. (Final Report)

Variable Speed Limit (VSL)

Developed a VSL system that utilized fuzzy control technology to identify speed limits appropriate for differing environmental conditions.

Vehicle to Roadside Communication (VRC) Application Identifier Protocol

Reviewed current and planned North American and European developments and projects involving multiple applications of VRC equipment.

Vehicles as Probes

Examined the percentage of probe vehicles required to provide data which are representative of general roadway conditions.

Video Imaging

Tested video imaging in Rijkswaterstaat and within Iowa.

Visibility Monitoring

Developed the sensor technology that is the basis for a visibility monitoring system.

Weather and Road Information Coordination (WRIC)

Developed common specifications and promoted practical solutions for integrating weather information from RWIS monitors, aviation weather sensors and other available sources.

Wireless Tower Siting

Developed guidelines for wireless tower sitings.






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