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Planning Guidance for the Installation and Use of Technology Devices for Transportation Operations and Maintenance

ENTERPRISE Transportation Pooled Fund Study


Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)

For purposes of the ITS device guidance process, Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) refers to low power AM or FM radio transmissions where localized information is broadcast and travelers are alerted to the presence of the broadcast using static or dynamic signs. The localized transmissions may cover areas that range from 5 miles to 30 miles depending upon the terrain and technologies used. The radio transmissions may be either at fixed permanent locations or mobile devices that may be temporarily located and moved as needed.

Engineering judgment should be used to assess potential implications that may result from installation of HAR. This planning guidance does not mandate the use of HAR.

Four (4) guidelines have been identified to capture the most common uses of HAR. While there are other purposes and uses for HAR, the guidelines developed to date have focused on the following four. If you have suggestion of additional HAR guideline please contact us.


HAR Guideline - 1:

Weather and Driving Conditions


HAR Guideline - 2:

Venue Parking/Route Guidance


HAR Guideline - 3:

Changing Traffic Conditions

  Purpose: To provide road weather information and/or regulatory restriction information (e.g. chain requirements) to drivers to alert them to impending conditions.   Purpose: To provide parking or route guidance information around major venues where unfamiliar travelers can benefit from verbal explanations (e.g. airports, National Parks, tourist attractions).   Purpose: To notify drivers in advance of special changing traffic conditions and roadway configurations such as those associated with road construction or maintenance, traffic incidents or recurring congestion.  

HAR Guideline - 4:

Special Events

  Purpose: To notify travelers about special events (either prior to the event start date or during the event), alerting travelers to the impacts of these events on traffic, and to guide event attendees to the event.          
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