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Planning Guidance for the Installation and Use of Technology Devices for Transportation Operations and Maintenance

ENTERPRISE Transportation Pooled Fund Study


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

For purposes of the ITS device guidance process, CCTV shall mean a video or still picture camera system used to collect images and relay images to a central monitoring location, and project images onto a video monitor, television screen, Internet display, or other monitoring equipment.

Engineering judgment should be used to assess potential implications that may result from the installation of CCTV. This planning guidance does not mandate the use of CCTV.

Six (6) planning guidelines have been identified to capture the most common uses of CCTV. While there are other purposes and uses for CCTV, the guidelines developed to date have focused on the following six. If you have suggestions of additional CCTV guidelines please contact us.


CCTV Guideline - 1:

Traffic Observation for Signal Control Changes


CCTV Guideline - 2:

Traffic Incident or Event Verification


CCTV Guideline - 3:

Weather Verification

  Purpose: To visually observe traffic conditions in order to determine if alternate signal timings are appropriate before implementing alternate traffic signal timing plans remotely.   Purpose: To allow traffic operations personnel or emergency response teams to visually verify traffic flow and/or incidents (e.g. crashes, debris in roadway) in order to activate or dispatch appropriate response and post message to traveler information systems.   Purpose: To allow maintenance dispatchers and traffic control personnel to verify weather conditions on the roadway, either to guide traveler information dissemination or to dispatch operations.  

CCTV Guideline - 4:

Traveler Information


CCTV Guideline - 5:

Field Device Verification


CCTV Guideline - 6:

Intelligent Work Zone

  Purpose: To allow travelers to understand traffic delay and road weather conditions by viewing images of the roadway from the Internet prior to departing.   Purpose: To allow traffic or maintenance operations personnel to verify operational functionality of in-field devices (such as Dynamic Message Signs, road/lane closure gates, and other devices).   Purpose: To allow travelers or transportation professions to understand construction or maintenance traffic delay by viewing images of the roadway remotely.  
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