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Welcome to the ENTERPRISE Pooled Fund Study website. The ENTERPRISE Program is a FHWA Pooled Fund Study with member agencies from North America. Its main purpose is to use the pooled resources of its members, private sector partners and the United States federal government to develop, evaluate and deploy Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

As part of its mission, ENTERPRISE seeks to facilitate the sharing of technological and institutional experiences gained from its ITS projects, and the projects for its individual members.

Project Webinar: ITS at International Borders

ENTERPRISE hosted a webinar on Tuesday, July 26 as part of the ITS at International Borders project to share information about data collection and uses at international border crossings.


  • Welcome and Project Overview – Bill Legg, Washington State DOT
  • Traffic Data Collection Technologies to Estimate Wait Times
    • Technology Options – Juan Villa, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
    • Arizona DOT Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi Penetration Rate Study – Yung Koprowski, Lee Engineering
  • Data Uses, Tools and Trends
    • Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC) – Athena Hutchins, NITTEC
    • Texas DOT – Juan Villa, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
  • Questions/Answers

The webinar recording and presentations are available on the project page.



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ENTERPRISE ITS Planning Guidance (Warrants) - ENTERPRISE has developed planning guidance for 10 ITS devices to help make the initial decision of whether or not to deploy an ITS solution.

Program Summary

ENTERPRISE has created a brief program summary that provides an overview of the program and provides selected project highlights.




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